UV Lamp

BLB Fluorescent Lamp

It’s made of black glass tube and emits blue light, the phosphor can energy into electric arc 365nm UV-A long wave ultraviolet radiation.

$1.5 $1.2

Mosquito-killer Lamp

Emit wavelengths for 300nm-460nm ultraviolet radiation; use this band of mosquito light phototoxic to attract mosquitoes, then uses the power girds kill them.

$0.6 $0.5

Reptile Fluorescent Lamp

Animail-grow lamp is also named as reptile tube light, animal fill light, and UVB, etc.

$3.5 $3

UV-C Fluorescent Lamp

Emit 253.7nm short-wave ultraviolet to change or damage microorganism DNA and make it fail to proliferate, so that it can disinfect the goods.

$5 $4.5