Anan Lighting was founded in year 1999, specialized manufacturing straight fluorescent lamp, and OEM fluorescent lamp for the customers. The products sell far to America, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Japan, etc. And the main products are: Fa6 cap fluorescent lamp with graphite line, mosquito-killer fluorescent lamp, Print fluorescent lamp, reptile fluorescent lamp, sterilized fluorescent lamp, High RA fluorescent lamp, 8FT fluorescent lamp, plant-grow fluorescent lamp, aquarium fluorescent lamp, colored fluorescent lamp, fresh-meat fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, etc. The common caps’ type are G13, G5, FA6, FA8, R18S, R17D; and the common diameters are T8, T9, T10, T12.

1.  FA6 Fluorescent Lamp


Fa6 cap fluorescent lamp is also known as low-pressure mercury discharge fluorescent lamp, sans starter fluorescent lamp, cold starter fluorescent, single-pin or mono-pin fluorescent lamp. Normally, the types we manufacture are 20W, 40W, and 60W, and this kind of lamp are also manufactured by PHILIPS, and the matched models are TL-X XL20W/33, TL-X XL40W/33, and TL-X XL65/33. The main feature of this lamp is the graphite line inside the lamp, and it eliminates any spark when turning on, also, it will not eliminate Electromagnetic waves when working. It need to be used together with specialized ballast and explosion proof fittings. It used in applications like coal mine, oil, petro-chemical industry, pharmaceutical, military industry etc, which have flammable gas or dust.

2. UV Fluorescent Lamp


UV fluorescent lamp can be divided into three kinds of wavelength, UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVA fluorescent lamp is the lamp which we usually know as 365nm or 368nm. The common lamps we use are mosquito-killer fluorescent lamp, black light blue(BLB) fluorescent lamp, print fluorescent lamp. The lamp attracts the inserts through out emitting wavelength of 368nm and kills the insects with the electric fitting. Or, it is used in the printing industry for the printing product’s fast dying. UVB fluorescent lamp is 313nm, and the matched is reptile fluorescent lamp. In this wavelength, the main feature is to promote the reptiles grow and supply calcium. According to the different UVB content that the reptile require, it can be made into UV2.0, UV5.0, UV10.0, UV12.0, etc. UVC is known as 253.7nm fluorescent lamp, and it is manufactured by the quartz glass tube which can penetrate ultraviolet. This kind of lamp is used in food and medical industry.

3. High RA Fluorescent Lamp


High RA lamp, also named as standard light source lamp, is specialized manufactured for the industry which need to match color. There-into, the areas of pigment management are all using, such as textile, printing, costume, leather, shoe material, polythene, electrical equipment, painting, electroplated, paint, printing ink, pigment, chemical, package, furniture, building material, photograph, etc. The international brands are PHILIPS, SYLVANIA, OSARM, VeriVide, GTI, GE, GretagMacbeth, etc. And the common serious are D65, U30, CWF, TL83, TL84, UV and so on.

4. 8FT Fluorescent Lamp


8ft lamp, also known as over-length tube lamp, is mainly used in bullet train, train station, store, and underground parking lot. And the main caps are G13, R17D, FA8 etc. It mainly sells to UK, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, etc.

5. Special Function Fluorescent Lamp


Colored fluorescent lamp is a light which is colorful when lightening, and the lamps that normal entertainment venue uses are red, yellow, blue, and green. This colored lamp is divided into two materials: one is for clear glass, which is white when lights off, while, it is colorful when lights on; another one is colored glass, which is colorful both lighten on and off. As the specialized manufacturing process, the quantity in the market is less and less, and the price becomes higher and higher; It also uses colored fluorescent lamp in the aquarium. The aquariums are going to make the color of red fish feel more brilliance, so, they will use red light to irradiate which is suitable for the fish;   And some other aquariums are playing Deep-sea aquaculture, in order to make the water look more like as the sea’s, they will use deep blue lamp to irradiate. In addition, it also need green plant in the fishbowl, in order to supply light for the plant, it need irradiate light imitated the sunlight, that is daylight, and we call this aquarium fluorescent lamp; The fresh-cabinet, super market and food market are to make the meat look more brilliance, so, they usually use pink color light to irradiate the food and improve your appetite for the food. We call this as Fresh-meat fluorescent lamp; With the raise of indoor cultivated, the demand for the plant-grow fluorescent lamp becomes larger. It need sunlight when the plant grows, and plant grow lamp is a lamp takes the principle of sunlight, and replaces light to sunlight to support a development and growth environment for plant. Red light can accelerate bloom and fruited of the plant, while, the blue can make it be taller. However, blue light can bate photosynthesis, so, it can not be overabundance.
As PHILIPS, SYLVANIA, OSRAM, VeriVide, GTI, GE, GretagMacbeth, ledvance stop manufacturing all above fluorescent lamps, while the demand still exists in the market, there are many distributors talking about the cooperation with us now.

6. LED Fluorescent Lamp


With the development of the science, energy-saving must be the first in nowadays, and the lighting will update naturally, and LED fluorescent lamp would be the first choice to replace traditional fluorescent lamp. Till now, there are three materials of LED fluorescent lamp in Anan Lighting, PC+AL, PC and glass. According to different countries’ habits, all the three materials’ lamps are selling well, mainly for traditional LED fluorescent lamp; Anan lighting will make effort on the LED function lamps, and try our best to make more and more new products. As the limited of the LED diodes, it only has LED UVA fluorescent lamp in Anan lighting now. And if there are any new products, we will update at once.....